We have the biggest collection of punching bags for sale.

Here at the punching bag for sale page, you find all kinds of beautiful punching bag designs. We sell boxing bags from well-known Thai fight gear brands such as Windy Fight Gear Undisputed Danger equipment and many more.

The Punching Bag Factory has a full range of all kinds of cool designed punching bags which you find nowhere else. Or design team adds new punching bag designs on a daily basis. If you want to be updated about the latest designs start to follow us on social.

If you can’t find your favorite design, no problem. contact us and upload your design so or graphic design team gets you your own custom printed punching bag design which we ship to you within a couple of days. Order custom printed punching bags here.

We ship all unfilled bags for free worldwide and filled bags send for free within Thailand only. If you live outside Thailand and you want a filled punching bag you should contact us for your shipping quote.

All bags are of professional quality and printed with a Fuji acuity ultra printer for the best printing results. Or printed designs will not fade and are scratch-resistant. All or punching bags come with a 1-year warranty.

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