The best custom-made and printed hoodies in Thailand guaranteed!

The Punching Bag Factory is also a hoodie manufacturer owning a factory in Thailand. We engage in the production of print hoodies and as a result we supply unique personalized hoodies, offering the best combination of quality and price.

At PBF you can commission the crafting of custom hoodies according to your own specification and requirements. We handle everything from the initial design right up to packaging and shipment.

As far as manufacturing processes go, you can choose from the following:

The PBF Hoodie manufacturer cut and sew plain hoodies

At the Punching Bag Factory we cut and sew all our hoodies in-house and we have a big warehouse where we keep plain hoodies in stock - to be used as the basis for your designs.

Our normal range of stocked plain hoodies includes ladies’ and men’s hoodies in the most commonly requested base colors - white, black and gray. These also include both the blank pullover hoodie version and hoodies with zippers. We have a daily blank hoodie production capacity of around 400 hoodies.

Hoodie fabrics and finishing.

Our fabrics are purchased from one of the top fabric manufacturers in Asia - the Nanyang Mill. Their wide range of fabrics allows us to offer you a choice of fabrics - which range from cheap fabrics for promotional hoodies right up to the softest brushed cotton types to suit your own brand.

Access to a wide range of fabrics enables you to choose the most suitable fabric for your (summer or winter) hoodies. If you want to create a premium product, and choose to work with higher quality fabric, we recommend having the fabric washed before production starts. Besides preventing the final product from shrinking during its first wash, it also softens the fabric, adding a more “premium feel” to it.

Depending on your exact requirements, it is possible to have your hoodies come out of pre-wash even softer and even more comfortable to the wearer. This is achieved by the addition of specific chemicals - which you can choose from, depending on just how soft you want the hoodies to be.

In addition to that, depending on your preferences, your hoodies can be washed in an acidic mixture to create cool-looking vintage hoodies.

Embroidery and Printing Hoodies

The PBF hoodie manufacturer specializes in both the printing and embroidery of hoodies. For all cotton hoodies we use screen print or dtg printing. Polyester hoodies can be printed all over through sublimation.

For our screen-printing process we use ink from Wilflex, USA - which is not only of high quality, but is also environmentally friendly. To achieve the sharpest results and the best contrast for sublimation, we use hybrid printers for the sublimation of polyester hoodies. We are able to sublimate neon colors as well if you require it.

Note: Some printing techniques cannot be applied successfully to all fabrics - so your choice of fabric could influence your options - but we will discuss it with you right away.

For creating patches and embroidery on hoodies, we use Japanese Tajima embroidery machines - combined with the right digital software allowing us to develop your block as you want it.

The PBF hoodie manufacturer can develop any kind of hoodie style and model.

We manufacture all kinds of women's men’s and kid’s hoodies models and use a standard regular fit that is not too tight or too loose and should fit anybody comfortably. Personalized sizes and fits can be ordered as well.

Hoodies are versatile items that offer a wide range of flexibility and adaptability. A garment that can be worn in the gym, under jackets, or just on casual occasions. We have our regular fit in many hoodie styles such as:

Cropped hoodies: Especially fitting for women who like to be trendy. The thick, long sleeves provide good insulation for your upper body, while the open navel keeps your midsection cool.

Pullover hoodies: A men's pullover hoodie can be easily slipped over your head without any trouble. You can loosen and tighten the hood with drawstrings for a custom fit over your head.

Sleeveless hoodies: No sleeves give you a wider range of motion, giving you higher flexibility, and helps bring out the definition of your arms and biceps. This feature makes it great to wear while playing sports or engaging in high-intensity interval training workouts.

Sweater hoodies: No need for a zipper when you can just pull on this sweater hoodie over your head and get going with your day.

Short-sleeve hoodies: This style is typically slimmer and more fitted. It combines the thickness of a sweatshirt with short sleeves and a hood. Is perfect during summertime, being a great option to wear over casual shorts and board shorts at the beach.

College hoodies: The hooded sweatshirt is perfect for your games, and showing off your school spirit. It can be a great fit for any college student, upcoming graduate, alumnus, or college sports fan. Can include your team/school logo.

Sports hoodies: When working out in a hoodie, the most important thing is to make sure it has water-resistant and breathable capabilities. This helps pull the moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfy during and after your workout.

We can make any size hoodie you can imagine, from baby hoodies to XXXL oversized hoodies and long hoodies. Just let us know what size is more fitting for you or your needs.

If you prefer your own custom hoodie fit we have a professional hoodie pattern maker working at our factory who can make professional patterns according to your own specifications and wishes.

Contact us today - talk to us about your favorite hoodie, and we will work with you to develop it, produce it, and deliver it to you.