The Punching Bag Factory your DTG printing specialist in Thailand.

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing is a helpful new technology used to create custom garments in a quick and easy way, regardless of how complex or colorful the design is. The digital picture is printed directly onto your sportswear using brand new printing technology and special inks.

This printed method prints ink directly onto a piece of fabric through a process where a printer applies a special water-based ink directly onto the t-shirts and hoodies, using inkjet technology, the garment absorbing the inks into the cloth fibers.

We help you to create your (DTG) direct to garment printing design.

With our expert design team, we will help you with the design and make sure your dream designs becomes reality. We guarantee exceptional efficiency, remarkable print output, and affordable rates with every order.

Simply put, a DTG print is similar to how a regular printer prints on paper, meaning we can print your design directly onto a garment without having to manipulate your file. Direct to Garment printing is a great way to print a variety of colors onto a product, the files are printed as they are received, without any complex procedures involved, the mock-up looking the same as the result.

Because of technology improvements, DTG printing does not require any special file formats, therefore you can send us over a PNG or a JPEG and we can get you started with the DTG printing. Some other print methods like screen printing require vectorized files, improving the quality of the design.

Our innovative digital printing methods mean you get a great quality print, without having to wait weeks or months for your custom-printed hoodies and t-shirts. The process itself is fast, being able to print full-color designs and capable of printing very detailed images.

Your order will receive an expert design review from our graphic design team and printing experts and we will work carefully with you to see your finished product come to life. To begin the process, we will ask you for a high-resolution image. The higher the image resolution, the better! We will thoroughly examine the artwork you will send us, making sure that it will turn out as good as possible. If there is an issue, we’ll get in touch with you and help tweak your own design. We will optimize and enhance the image so that your favorite design comes through in the print.

The (DTG) direct to garment printing process has three main stages:


First, the shirt must be pretreated with a clear solution that assists the t-shirts and hoodies in receiving the ink from the printer. It prevents the ink from washing off, as well as improving the color vibrancy of the design.

Once the order has reached the machinery, the team will need to pretreat any colored garments. Once the garment is pretreated, the heat press will dry it off before printing, flattening the fibers.

Pretreatment can leave a mark on the garment once it has been heat pressed, but it will come off in your first wash. After the pretreating stage, the operator will upload your artwork to our printing software, where they select the best print setting for your artwork and continue with the printing process.


The garment will be treated with a special solution right on the print area to help the ink stick onto the fabric. Once the t-shirt or hoodie is pretreated and dried, we then place the garment into the DTG printer, prepare the digital artwork you provided us with and the printer begins to work. The printer can use a mix of CMYK ink to create the colors in your design. Soon after the printing, your designed apparel is completed.


In the last step, we do one final drying to cure the ink, ensuring that the printed design can resist any elements that dare threaten your artwork, including the washing machine.

After completing the curing process, your t-shirt or hoodie is ready to be worn! Our dispatch team will fold, package and select a courier based on your address. We use multiple couriers as we find they ship at different speeds to different states, and we want to get your shirt to you as quickly as possible.

To finish the design, the garment is dried up with intense heat before being packed and shipped off to you. The DTG printed apparel should be washed before wearing them the first time and always washed inside-out in cold water to help maintain the vibrancy of the design.

If you have any other questions about this process feel free to contact us anytime!